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Choosing a career often comes down to finding the best match between your interests, abilities, values, and
education. Our personality quiz can help you narrow down your choices based on the answers you provide.
Best of all, in this quiz, you can change your answers and see how if affects your carrer matches.
Select the words that best describe you.
The more selections you make, the fewer results you'll receive because only those jobs that
match ALL interests will be returned.
  • You are Creative
  • You enjoy art of all types, including drama, music, literature, and poetry.
  • You enjoy using your imagination and creativity.
  • You have a need to express yourself.
  • You are a Self-Starter.
  • You enjoy leading other people.
  • You often respond well to competition, and you enjoy leading teams to victory.
  • You are willing to take risks.
  • You are curious.
  • You enjoy observing, learning, and evaluating.
  • You like the challenge of thinking through problems.
  • You often use math and science in problem solving.
  • You are an Organizer.
  • You enjoy step-by-step tasks.
  • You like to keep things neat and in order.
  • You prefer working in stable environments with predictable routines.
  • You are a fact seeker.
  • You enjoy “hands-on” activities--building, tinkering, fixing.
  • You prefer real, instead of abstract, problems.
  • You are a helper.
  • You enjoy assisting people in various ways.
  • You are concerned about the well-being of others.
  • You like to work in groups.

Select the categories that represent your basic skills.
Remember, there are no wrong answers!
Critical Thinker
I analyze the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches.
Fast Learner
I find ways to understand new information.
Good at Mathematics
I use numbers to solve problems.
Good Listener
I listen and understand what people are saying.
Good Speaker
I can talk to others to tell them information.
Good Supervisor:
I determine how well something is being learned or done.
Good Teacher:
I use different ways to teach or learn things.
Good Writer
I communicate well with others in writing.
Problem Solver
I use science to solve problems.
Reading Comprehension
I understand written sentences and paragraphs.

Which work values are most important to you?
REMEMBER: Pick only one or two values to start, because the more selections you make, the fewer results you'll receive. Only those jobs that match ALL values will be returned.
You want to see the results of your work and get a feeling of accomplishment.
You want to try out your own ideas and work with little supervision.
It's very important to you that your work satisfy your need for prestige and leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities for advancement.
It's very important for you that you have friendly coworkers. You would like to be of service to others without compromising your sense of right and wrong.
It's very important to you to know the company stands behind its workers and has competent, considerate, and fair management.
Working Conditions
It's very important to you that your work satisfy your needs in areas like salary, job security, and your work-style preferences, such as working alone, staying busy all the time, or having variety in your work tasks.

Choose the level of education you have or would like to attain.
Associates Degree
A Vocational-technical school, community college, two-year technical college, or private vocational school.
Bachelor’s Degree
A four-year college or university.
Professional or Graduate Degree
A Graduate School which may include professional degrees such as architecture, medicine, and law.