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Apply For College

Step 1

Make Sure You Meet the General Admission Requirements

Step 2

Apply to Your Chosen Schools

Every college will have its own requirements and deadlines for admission, so look at the college’s admissions website or call the admissions office for the details.

Step 3

Apply for College Housing

Some colleges require certain students (like Freshmen and Sophomores) to live on campus. If you’re going to one of these colleges, you need to get your housing application in ASAP. The best housing fills up fast, and trust us, you want the best housing you can get.

Step 4

Apply for Financial Aid

The application for admission probably isn’t the only application you’ll have to fill out. You definitely need to complete the financial aid applications.

Step 5

Get Ready To Apply

  • Meet the Class Requirements
  • Classes and Tests
  • Apply for your chosen school
  • Apply for Housing
  • Apply for financial aid


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