Reality Quiz

The time has come! You're on your own now. Pick and choose the lifestyle you want:

Want to get married?  (Check one)
  •   Yes  
  •   No  
Housing  (Check one)
  •   Own apartment  (one bedroom)
  •   Share with roommate  (two bedroom)
  •   Own your own home  (three bedroom, two baths)
Transportation  (Check one - includes insurance, gas, maintenance, registration, car payment)
  •   New car (Chevy, Toyota, Ford, etc.)
  •   Used car
  •   Luxury car (BMW, Lexus, Infinity, etc.)
Food  (check the one that best describes where you eat)
  •   At home
  •   Restaurants
  •   Half at restaurants/ Half at home
Health and Wellness  (check all that apply)
  •   Health Insurance
  •   Life Insurance
  •   Gym Membership
  •   Vacations
Utilities  (check all that apply)
  •   Electricity/gas/oil
  •   Water
  •   Cellular phone
Children  (How many kids do you want?)
  •   None
  •   One
  •   Two
  •   Three
Entertainment  (check all that you like to do)
  •   Cable bundle (Internet, phone, and TV)
  •   Movie/computer game rental (i.e. Netflix, Blockbuster)
  •   Sports events
  •   Concerts
  •   Books/magazines
  •   Weekend dates
Personal  (check all that apply)
  •   Clothing
  •   Haircuts  (woman)
  •   Haircuts  (man)
  •   Cosmetics/toiletries
  •   Manicures
  •   Laundry at laundromat
Enter an amount for what you estimate you will spend or set aside each month for the following:
  • $  Savings (Pay yourself first!)
  • $  Emergency fund (Broken tooth; flat tire; plumbing troubles. Life is full of surprises.)
  • $  Education (Tuition, computers, student loans, etc.)
  • $  Gifts (Holiday, birthday, special occasions)
  • $  Contributions (Faith based, political, community)

Think you're ready?