SAT (SAT Reasoning Test)

The SAT is the nation’s most widely used admissions test and will likely be required if your child wants to go to college out of state. While the SAT is accepted at Mississippi colleges, the ACT is generally requested.

Students in 11th and/or 12th grade take the SAT. It tests critical-thinking skills and other skills needed for college – reading, writing, and math. Scores in each section range from 200-800. There are also two writing scores.

The SAT has 10 sections:

  • Section 1: 25-minute essay
  • Sections 2-7: 25 minutes for each section:
    • Two Math sections (calculators ARE allowed)
    • Two Critical Reading sections
    • One Writing section
    • (One section will be a sample section and will not count toward your child’s overall score. You won’t know which section it is.)
  • Section 8-9: 20 minutes for each section
    • Critical Reading
    • Math
  • (The order of sections 2-9 varies for each tester to prevent cheating. )
  • Section 10: 10-minute multiple-choice writing

SAT Subject Tests (SAT II)

The SAT Subject tests measure a student’s knowledge of a particular subject. These tests are sometimes used for admission (not at any Mississippi college), course placement, or to advise students about course selection.

20 different SAT Subject tests are offered in five subject areas: English, history, mathematics, science, and languages.

The tests are usually taken at the end of the 11th grade or beginning of 12th grade. Ideally, students should take the tests as soon as possible after completing the related course.

The SAT Subject tests are 60-minute, multiple-choice tests.

Students should consider colleges’ admission requirements before taking the SAT Subject tests.

The SAT is offered many times a year. The SAT Subject Tests (except the language tests with listening) are offered many times a year.

Test Dates Test U.S. Registration Deadlines
Regular Late
(U.S. only—a fee applies)
October 1, 2011 SAT & Subject Tests September 9, 2011 September 21, 2011
November 5, 2011 SAT & Subject Tests October 7, 2011 October 21, 2011
December 3, 2011 SAT & Subject Tests November 8, 2011 November 20, 2011
January 28, 2012 SAT & Subject Tests December 30, 2011 January 13, 2012
May 5, 2012 SAT & Subject Tests April 6, 2012 April 20, 2012
June 2, 2012 SAT & Subject Tests May 8, 2012 May 22, 2012


Students who cannot take the test on Saturday for religious reasons may take the test on the Sunday immediately following the scheduled Saturday test date.


SAT Reasoning Test™ $49, Late – $71
SAT Subject Tests™
Basic registration fee
Language Tests with Listening (add to basic reg. fee)
All other Subject Tests (add per test to basic reg. fee)
add $22add $11

Fee waivers are available.

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