PLAN (10th Grade)

PLAN is the “pre-ACT.” It is usually given by the school in the fall of the 10th grade year. It helps students see where they are academically and make plans for high school, college, or a career based on that. It is also really good practice for the ACT.

Contact the school counselor to find out when the test will be given.

PLAN consists of four tests:

  • English: 30 minutes
    • Usage/Mechanics: 30 questions
    • Rhetorical Skills: 20 questions
  • Math: 40 minutes
    • Pre-Algebra/Algebra: 22 questions
    • Geometry: 18 questions
  • Reading: 20 minutes, 25 questions
  • Science: 25 minutes, 30 questions

Testers receive a composite score that ranges from 1 to 32. This score is the average of the four subject test scores.

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