Step 2 – Parents – Encourage Your Child

Step 2 – Encourage Your Child

Career Planning

  • College preparation can begin early in your child’s life. Begin talking with your child about different careers during their preschool years (or now, if he/she is already in high school).
  • Make sure your child understands, from an early age, that you expect him/her to pursue a college education because you want him/her to realize his/her dreams of a good, successful life.


  • Help your child appreciate the value of learning. Take a personal interest in your child’s studies, and help him/her understand the relationship between academics and a successful career.
  • Help your child understand the importance of math and science and how it relates to his/her interests and the technology he/she uses.
  • Be active in your children’s school. Join the PTA, attend open houses, and volunteer to help make your school better.
  • Limit television viewing. Kids who do better in school tend to watch less television than their peers.
  • Encourage your child to take challenging courses, especially in math, reading, science, and foreign language.
  • If your child begins falling behind at school, help him/her get back on track. Work with your child’s teachers to get to the root of the problem and find appropriate solutions.


  • Don’t let anyone tell your child that he/she isn’t cut out for college. It’s not uncommon for average students to find their focus in college. And, even poor students, if motivated, can succeed in vocational programs after high school.
  • When you give your children gifts, be sure to include educational games, books, and hobby supplies.
  • If your child attends a high school where most students choose not to attend college, help him/her understand that he/she deserves better. Your child may find that his/her interest in college will encourage other students to go, too.