Step 3 – Parents – Talk About Careers With Your Child

Step 3 – Talk About Careers With Your Child

  • College preparation can begin early in your child’s life. Begin talking with your child about different careers during their preschool years (or now, if he/she is already in high school).
  • Make sure your child understands, from an early age, that you expect him/her to pursue a college education because you want him/her to realize his/her dreams of a good, successful life.
  • Help your child make decisions about his/her college, major, or future career. But resist the temptation to steer him/her in the direction you think is best.
  • Allow your child to make mistakes in his/her decisions. What you consider to be a mistake may actually end up being the right choice for your child. And remember that no college or career decision is irreversible.