Disability – Step 6 – Apply for College

Step 6 – Apply for College

If you have a disability, follow the same steps for choosing and applying to a school as any other student, but you should also evaluate schools based on their ability to accommodate your needs.

Explore college admissions requirements, research schools, and build a college list. Once you have schools of interest, get organized and meet with campus specialists to discuss your specific requirements. Then, explore whether the programs, policies, procedures, and facilities meet your specific situation.

It’s usually best to describe your disability in a letter attached to your application so the proper fit can be made between you and the school. Send copies of your psycho-educational evaluation, testing records, and/or any other assessments of your disabilities directly to the school. Some will help arrange your schedule and offer transition courses, reduced course loads, extra access to professors, and special study areas to help address your needs.

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