Step 5 – Apply For College – Apply for College Checklist

Step 5 – Apply for College Checklist

Meet the Class Requirements
  • English   4 Units
  • Mathematics   3-4 Units
  • Sciences   3-4 Units
  • Social Sciences   3-4 Units
  • Advanced Electives   2 Units
  • Computer Applications   1/2 Unit
  • Arts   1 or more Units
  • Pre-High School Units: Algebra I, first-year Foreign Language, Mississippi Studies, or Computer Applications
Classes and Tests
  • Know your GPA!  Go to your counselor and request an update
  • Take the ACT or the SAT
Apply for your chosen school
  • Complete the school(s) Application Form
  • Have multiple copies of your High School Transcript
  • Have multiple copies of your ACT or SAT Scores
  • A copy of your Immunization Records (Get these from your Family Doctor)
  • Your no-refundable application fee or a copy of your fee waiver.
  • A copy of any needed essays
  • Letters of Recommendations: Sealed and signed
  • Any other recommended items such as Portfolios or List of Activities
Apply for Housing
  • Know your options and weigh the Pros and Cons
  • Compare the expenses of living on campus vs. living in an apartment or shared housing. Expenses include electricity, water, garbage, cable/internet, and transportation
  • Apply for your housing
Apply for financial aid
  • Apply for admission and scholarships
  • Apply for Federal Aid
  • Apply for State Aid
  • Apply for Other Scholarships (Private Scholarships)
  • Determine your bottom line with the Cost of College Calculators
  • Compare Financial Aid Packages
  • Accept your Financial Aid Package