Step 3 – Middle School – Plan To Keep Learning After High School

Step 3 – Plan to Keep Learning After High School


Generally, universities are larger and offer more majors and degree options than the other types of colleges. In addition to liberal arts majors, they may offer engineering, architecture, health, and other programs. At most universities, you can earn bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Most universities contain several smaller colleges; for example, colleges of agriculture, teaching, and liberal arts. You may have to apply to a specific college within the university and take most of your classes within that college. At a university, you can prepare for many types of careers or for further study in graduate school.

Community Colleges

Community colleges are the most common type of two-year college. These colleges prepare you to continue your education or to enter the workforce immediately. They offer associate degrees that get you ready to transfer to a four-year college and earn a bachelor’s degree. Other types of associate degrees and certificates focus on career readiness.

Community colleges are often an affordable and convenient option; they charge relatively low tuition to in-state residents. Many students can also save money by living at home.

Vocational-Technical (Vo-Tech) and Career Colleges

A vo-tech or career college offers specialized training to students who are interested in a particular industry or career. At these colleges, students are not required to take general education classes in all subjects. You take classes only in your field of study – for example, culinary arts, firefighting, dental hygiene, or medical-records technology. When you complete your program, you receive a certificate of completion or an associate degree.


A military academy or service academy (in American English) is an educational institution which prepares candidates for service in the officer corps of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard, which normally provides education in a service environment, the exact definition depending on the country concerned.

Three types of academy exists: high school-level institutions awarding academic qualifications, university-level institutions awarding Bachelor’s degree-level qualification, and those preparing officer cadets for commissioning into the armed services of the state.