Scholarship Scams

How do I recognize a scholarship scammer?

  • Indicates you won an award for which you did not apply
  • Does not supply valid contact information
  • Guarantees you will win an award
  • Requires personal financial information (such as, credit card numbers or checking account numbers) to verify or hold a scholarship
  • Charges a fee to apply for a scholarship

How do I recognize a legitimate scholarship services?

  • Does not guarantee you will win an award
  • Sends information about awards when you request it
  • Makes contact information available upon request
  • Should not direct you to a fee-based provider because they know that financial aid information is readily available for free

What if you suspect a scam?

  • Save all of the forms you receive from the company
  • Keep copies of written details about the offer and any correspondence, emails or other paperwork
  • Make sure all materials are dated
  • Take notes during seminars and phone conversations (record the date, time, phone number and the person’s name with whom you spoke)
  • Include a detailed account of your conversation
  • Take a copy of all literature and correspondence concerning the scholarship to your school’s financial aid office, who can verify the organization is legitimate.