Admissions and Institutional Aid

Apply for Admission

Admission drives everything. If you haven’t completed the admission process, the college doesn’t know you exist, much less that you might need financial aid, and the state and federal governments don’t know you are planning to go to college.

So, before you do anything else, finish the admission process.

Complete the Admission Process

Apply for Institutional Scholarships

Most institutional aid is awarded through the admission process – there is not a separate application. So, check the college’s admissions office webpage for specific information about available aid.

Admissions Offices

Some colleges or universities do require a separate application for competitive scholarships. Be aware that such scholarship application deadlines usually come early in the year.

There are three main kinds of institutional aid:

  • Academic – Academic scholarships are usually based on high school grades, test scores, or a combination of both. Students are generally required to maintain a certain GPA to keep academic scholarships.
  • Athletic/Activity – Athletic/Activity scholarships are based on performance in sports or extracurricular activities (debate, etc.). These scholarships may be discontinued if the student stops playing the sport or participating in the activity.
  • Foundation – Foundation scholarships are often based on criteria specified by the donor who established the scholarship. Such criteria may include gender, ethnicity/national origin, religion, anticipated major, county/town of residence, etc.