Getting Ready – 8th Grade Checklist

  • Keep doing your best in school – Study hard, earn good grades, and participate in class.
  • Ask your counselor about challenging and interesting courses (advanced placement or honors) you can take in high school.
  • Continue to explore different career options.
  • Start saving money now to help pay for college.
  • Continue taking advanced courses such as Algebra II and intermediate foreign language class.
  • Talk to your parents, older sisters and brothers, and other students who are attending college. If you don’t know any college students, ask your counselor to help you contact them.
  • Think about careers, majors, and jobs that interest you. Take our personality quiz, talk to experts in jobs that interest you.   If you have access to a computer, research the jobs on the Internet.
  • Check out the Roadmap to College and begin to chart your college course.