Get Ready To Apply

Know what each school evaluates

Most college websites have information about what factors their admissions officers consider. Many will look at things like extracurricular activities, for example, so be sure to include a list of yours.

Remember the deadlines

Each college sets their own application deadlines, so be sure to turn in your applications with plenty of time to spare. You can stay on track and get reminders with the help of our College Calendar.

Cover your bases

It’s a good idea to apply to at least three schools. And don’t limit yourself to the most selective ones. Make sure you apply to at least one “Plan B” college so that you’ll have a fallback position.

Check your application

Typos and poor grammar won’t impress anybody. Review each page before you submit your application. Even better, have someone else review it with you.

Send everything that’s required

Your application isn’t complete until the college gets everything they need. That includes the application fee, so don’t forget it!