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To better protect students, the Office will be implementing a NEW Counselor Certification and PIN Application Process during the fall of 2014.  Information is provided below.

Help your students by submitting their high school grades in a timely manner. Please submit the seven-semester high school grade point average (calculated on a 4.0 scale) for every high school senior by April 30, but absolutely no later than May 31.

IMPORTANT: Certification of the HELP CORE must be received by April 30 for students applying for the HELP Grant.

Two Ways to Submit High School Grades:

  1. Secure Document Share Portal (NEW!)
    Follow instructions, available below, to prepare an electronic file; then upload the file to the Document Share Portal. This method requires NO encryption. Step-by-step instructions are available HERE. You will need a Username and Password. Contact Beverly Jackson at bjackson@mississippi.edu or 601-432-6437 to obtain your Username. Your Password is the same as your Counselor PIN. Follow instructions below for requesting a PIN, if you do not already have one.
  2. Secure Counselor Web Application Step-by-step instructions are available HERE. To submit grades online, you will need your Counselor PIN (old PINs may be used until further notice). Follow instructions below for requesting a PIN.

***Do NOT Mail CDs Containing Electronic Files or Email Electronic File Attachments***
To ensure the safety of Mississippi student information, the Office will no longer accept files submitted as attachments via email or on CD via regular mail.

Three Ways to Certify the HELP Core Curriculum:

HELP Scholarship applicants must complete a specific HELP Core Curriculum.  As required by law, completion of the HELP Core Curriculum must be certified by the high school counselor. The following methods of certification are accepted:

  1. Counselor certifies completion of the HELP Core Curriculum on the Grade File (no transcript required). Follow instructions, available below for preparing the electronic Grade File; then submit the file using one of the methods listed above.
  2. Counselor certifies completion of the HELP Core Curriculum online through the Counselor Web Application. You will be required to log in using your 6-digit Institution Code (use your ACT school code without the hyphen) and your Counselor PIN (PIN is case sensitive – old PINs may be used until further notice). After logging in, click GPA submission, and provide the requested information.
  3. Counselor certifies completion of the HELP Core Curriculum on the HELP Applicant List.  A list of HELP applicants from each high school will be posted on the Secure Document Share Portal (for all schools with Share Portal access) during the first week of April, following the March 31 online application deadline.  Once the HELP Applicant Lists have been posted, the Office will send an email notification and post a notice at the top of this webpage.

How to Prepare an Electronic Grade File:

How to Obtain a Counselor PIN:  ***NEW Information Posted***

The Office will be implementing a NEW Counselor Certification and PIN Application Process during the fall of 2014.  The new process is being implemented to better protect student data and to allow Mississippi to participate in the national FAFSA Completion Project.   The new process will allow the Office to share student-level FAFSA completion data (FAFSA completion status, FAFSA completion date, and verification status) directly with high school counselors.  The FAFSA data, as well as student-level state aid data will be available to counselors on-demand for the first time ever.

Two important steps must be taken before the data-sharing can start:

Step 1: A new Participation Agreement must be signed by each public school district or private school and returned to the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid at 3825 Ridgewood Road, Jackson, MS 39211.  This is a federal requirement.  The Office is eager to take this step in the process and invites district superintendents and private school headmasters/principals to sign the Participation Agreement as soon as possible. Counselors are encouraged to help us collect signed Participation Agreements.

Step 2: Individual high school counselors must apply for a new Counselor PIN by completing the Counselor Certification and PIN Application process online.  The old counselor PINs will be phased out, so all counselors will eventually have to complete this process to receive a new PIN.  This step involves programming that is incomplete.  The Office will notify counselors immediately when the new Counselor Certification and PIN Application Process is available online.  In the meantime, counselors may continue to use their old PINs.

Check the application status of your students.

NOTE: You must have a PIN (old PINs may be used until further notice) to log in.


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