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***Most Spring awards have been requested but have not yet reached the schools for disbursement.  There is not a specific date for disbursement of aid. Please view
Award Process and Timeline” for more information.  Students can
monitor the status of their award on their state aid application.***

Notice: 2/21/18 – The Office will be performing server security upgrades on March 8 and 9.  Students may check accounts online and make changes during that time, but such changes will not be visible on the accounts.  Office staff will also be unable to access accounts and answer questions during the outage.

Legislative Changes to State Financial Aid for 2017-18

State Aid News and Updates

  • Term GPA Checks: Maintain the required cumulative GPA for each term to maintain eligibility for state aid. 
  • Take 15: Enroll in and earn (complete with passing grades) 15 credit hours per semester to maintain eligibility for state aid.


Submit a new application below to be considered for all state aid programs, including the Higher Education Legislative Plan Grant (HELP), the Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG), and the Mississippi Eminent Scholars Grant (MESG).

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Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid

3825 Ridgewood Road | Jackson, MS 39211-6453

1-800-327-2980 (toll-free in Mississippi) or 601-432-6997



How to Submit Supporting Documents